Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Card Creation II - Eehrin, The Combat Trainer

Let's try creating an Overworld Creature today...

This time, a Creature called Eehrin done by "E-Mann".

Overworld Hero Warrior

Courage: 85
Power: 75
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 45
Energy: 45

Mugic Counters: 1
Elements: Air, Earth

Adjacent Creatures deal an additional 5 damage with attacks
Eehrin deals an additional 5 damage with attacks
Loyal - Unique

To discuss the card... Eehrin seems to be a bit an instructor to some of these weaker Overworlders but definitely not one to shy away from battle... 

As such, giving her an ability to support her fellow Overworlders could potentially be quite good on her. Placing her on the middle row with a Bronzeflight allows easy protection due to her fairly bulky presence, while still supporting the front row. 

I also felt that such a boost may be considered a tiny bit strong... Especially on guys like Maxxor, Protector of Perim... as such, we gave her a little vulnerability with the low energy so that she can be coded without too much effort.

That all being said - Eehrin is a nice alternative to Lomma, Desert Wanderer and can be considered. 

We hope you enjoyed Eehrin, The Combat Trainer!

Monday, October 12, 2015

9 Years Anniversary of Chaotic: Card Creation I

 Hello once again... and Wow! Has it really already been 9 Years?

 It's difficult to come up with a great special way to celebrate the 9 Years... So... to try and come up with something - I'll be bringing up some Chaotic Art you may/may not know about (1 per post) and perhaps some... fun Abilities/Stat.

Perhaps making these into cards and "proxy-ing" them may lead to some fun results hahaha!!

Without further ado!!

Mipedian Caretaker

Courage: 45
Power: 45
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 65
Energy: 30

Mugic Counters: 1
Elements: Earth

Expend Earth: You may return a Battlegear from your discard pile and equip it to a non-equipped Mipedian you control.

Unique - Loyal

 I think this is a fairly interesting concept idea to try out... The idea of constantly returning a Battlegear like Vial of Liquid Shroud or Nexus Fuse would make this guy a constant threat on the board. This is especially true in things such as Mipedians that rely on their Invisibility to make a devastating first strike...

His low energy is rather this Caretaker's downfall as you should find it fairly easily to burn through this guy. Even engaging him through regular Range/Swift tactics would be able to crush him easily.

Nonetheless, you should always be cautious of this little Caretaker... as a Battlegear returning constantly can mean devastating implications if not dealt with straight away!

What do you guys think of Ahnem? Too OP? Interesting? Let us Know!

Credit: Art by JayAxer.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coding the Drome Part I.


I obviously don't know how many of you are still out there or still hold a ant-bite amount of interest for the old game.

But for those who follow the Backup Forums:

There has been a spark of talk about the community wanting to re-create a World of Perim (3-D Adventure) or to re-create the Dromes. Now these are incredibly daunting tasks that had previously took a team of programmers to accomplish.

With no plans drawn up, I decided to spend some time with Unity3D to code up a storm across the holidays and see what I can get done/working and what... isn't so... easy to forge.

That being said - this blog will act as a "log" about the progress, setbacks and etc. faced when trying to code a Drome. :)

Day 1: Final Screen-Shot

That may be a tad small... But here was what was done in Day 1:
  • A 20-Card Attack Deck has been created. It is shuffled at the Start of the Game (Before Cards are dealt) and is re-shuffled when the deck is depleted.
  • 3 Attack Cards are drawn and deals Base Damage (The Stat Checks, Challenges and Elements work as intended.)
  • An attack card drawn replaces the previously used attack card.
  • Images was added to Attack Cards/Creatures for better Visibility
  • Stats (Not real stats but proxy stats) is implemented to test attack conditions and damaging the enemy (including elements)
This Drome (for now) will be built for 1v1 Apprentice mode (To be expanded later) and I have yet to code Battlegear or Locations (No I haven't forgotten).
Once I get those functions working, I can work on making it prettier :)


Monday, March 31, 2014

Dread and Despair

Hey Guys,

Every month (as long as some interest remains) I will post up a post here to work hand-in-hand with the decks posted on "TradeCardsOnline" site.

This month's deck is... "Dread and Despair"

The Link to the Deck:


1. Agitos, Eloquent Motivator - Gigantroper
2. Zamool, Lord Van Bloot's Enforcer - Sun Chariot of Kehn-sep
3. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) - Whepcrack
4. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

2x Canon of Casualty
2x Consuming Cacophony
1x Improvisational Melody
1x Roar of the Mob

*The attacks and locations may depend on personal preference and playstyle - A Power Stat deck is a strong variant however in the decklist above I went with a bit of Fire elemental attacks for a tad variation

 This is MY version of the classic Zamool Burn deck that almost every Underworld Player has a variant of. It's definately an all-in type of deck that abuses Zamool's ability to prevent the opponent from even attempting to stop it.
For those unfamiliar with the concept, Zamool must ALWAYS be involved in the First Battle, whether by Agitos, Eloquent Motivator's ability (Opponent's first) or simply attacking with Zamool. This locks the opponent from using mugic or activated abilities. This simply means you can cast any mugic you wish without fear of them denying the mugic.
As soon as Zamool is engaged, we can begin to distribute the damage in any way you see fit. In total, the MAXIMUM damage that can be done...
20 (From expending both Ulmar, PR's Fire)
40 (Consuming Cacophone 30 + 10 from Kopond's ability)
30 (Canon of Casualty 20 + 10 from Kopond's ability)
20 (Canon of Casualty)
30 (Consuming Cacophony)
140 damage excluding Improvisational Melody (Possible 20 damage from Kopond Cast) and Roar of the Mob

The 140 Damage should be plethora enough to wipe out at least a front-line creature (or two) or wipe a ton of the backline. Adding the fact that you've engaged a particular creature beforehand that you may not have used your burn mugic on, you could potentially wipe half the board with a single blow.

To talk a bit about Improvisational Melody - It's a mugic that could potentially cost 0 Mugic Counters (Should you have dealt 20 or more damage beforehand) that does 10 damage or 20 damage if cast by Kopond, HMotH - Thus I did not count it in the "Base Burn Damage"

Roar of the Mob is also a variable mugic dealing 10 damage per Counter on the Creature. Thus you would usually only want to cast this on a caster possibly a Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe or a Karraba for instance. Again this number is variable and could change should you choose to cast it with Kopond.


No, this deck isn't perfect - It's far from it.
In fact, this deck is all about that single moment where you burst everything down and bring their morale swooping down into a crash.
Before Zamool gets to attack, be warned they may burn your own creatures down! (If they're Underworlders' anyways)
This is a "All-In" deck, meaning there isn't much room for variation compared to other decks (in terms of playstyle). There's no defensive mechanisms like Bronzeflights or Weightless Energy Vessels.

However, this "All-In" playstyle is what I've come to love about *some* of the Underworlders, and I love the idea of a "Sink-or-Swim" method deck.

Hope you enjoyed! - Perhaps Give the deck a whirl

That's my deck! ;)


Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hi guys,

Know how I typed (Probably) at the end of that last post? Yea... it just didn't work out... So here I am, at 2.40AM in the morning... where this card crept into my mind and just won't leave...

So which card is it?

THAT ONE!!!! The first Silent Sands Ultra Rare I ever pulled.
I don't know if it's because I entered a deck-building competition (with some unusual rules) or just because I was thinking of creatures for a new deck.... But again, another underused card has entered the table.
So with 50 energy average, Enre-Hep isn't the most vulnerable muge to burn mugic. Neither does he have the most counters to cast mugic with - especially in a tribe already short on mugic counters.

So... Now on to the more interesting parts of this Ultra - how he gains 1 {} per 1 {} on Mipedians that hit your discard pile. This is once again - a simple example of the trickier Mipedian tactics. So he's a very sustainable card - ensuring no {} are ever wasted. This allows you to juggle counters to a safer muge, allows the usage of crazier tactics like sacrificing a Conjuror with Ravita Flower to provide Counters for Enre-Hep's benefit. Nourishing Nocturne sacrificing Minions to ensure a won battle, can provide counters to Enre-Hep.
All these crazy tactics will/and can ensure that Enre-Hep is the only muge you need.

His second one, is another one of those "more unique" abilities - Target Creature GAINS recklessness 5. So... basically you could give this to a Warbeast and let him Slashclaw/Harnessed Rage for extra damage. You could stack this onto the enemy creature and make him hurt himself a lot more than he hurts you. It seems very insignificant but it hides a darker threat. With 3 Counters on Enre-Hep, Recklessness 15 can be applied to your opponent, pair this with invisibility strikers with Invis 10 onwards, and that's a guaranteed 25 damage on them - counting the attack damage you will deal + the fact he MAY have to use 2 attacks to finish you. This ability can become very scary, very quickly. Combine this with the first ability and you can swiftly see that this card is truly deserving to become the future High Muge of the Mipedians.

With a mindset to help sustain the Mipedian's mugical side and having the ability to both torture your enemies and strengthen your beasts - Enre-Hep is one of the few Mipedian muges that aren't commonly played - but still needs your attention when seen in battle.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Final Post (Probably)

 As you all are probably aware, Chaotic TCG has finally bit the dust (with some random re-direction to blame some CEOs lol). Everyone has pretty much seen it coming (by this point) and hoped this day would never come - but it has.
Yes, KODO studios has apparently picked up the game - but their more interested in endorsing Angry Birds Merchandise (like half the world's companies) and some random zombie game :S.
Since Everyone pretty much already moved on from the game we call Chaotic. I just like to thank all that read this blog at any point. Obviously when this started, it was more for me to record my ideas etc.
But yea, I gained some friends doin' this - and it was cool. Wish the game could've lasted longer. But things happen - mainly 4Kids.

I wish you all the best! Remember the game; enjoy life and yeaa...


Friday, December 23, 2011

Seasons Greetings!

Hello to Everyone and of course, a Merry Christmas to all of you!
I'm malcolm9 on the chaotic forums and the owner of this Chaotic: Down Under Blog.
Firstly, allow me to apologize for the horrible coloring of the banner and the colour-clash etc. I currently have changed laptops and temporarily do not have access to any awesome Macromedia Fireworks etc. to create a spectacular banner, needless to say time!

Now, It is Christmas!!! And its a time of getting together with all our family members over the fireplace, a nice  cup of steaming cocoa in your hand (unless of course, you're in Australia (which you should be)). In Australia, its off to the sunny beach to kick up your feet in the sand, unless its terribly rainy like it is in Brisbane.

In Chaotic, not many creatures look ready to celebrate Christmas but pulling up a Blugon, Winter Warrior. I paired him up with Klencka, Avenger and Gan'Nim for one of the most forgotten decks in the game. 3v3 Masters.

What are we looking at... Well, it's a masters deck ***cough*** with 2 Mugic Counters obviously going to be used for Blugon's ability for powering up a Klencka. The actual deck's structure would be...

Operation: Save Christmas

1. Gan'nim - Kha'rall Amber Shard
2. Klencka, Avenger - Olkiex Apron (Of course, feel free to substitute)
3. Blugon, Winter Warrior - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

Personally, I don't think Blugon is easily burnt with 3 mugics, I mean don't get me wrong... It IS possible but generally not done commonly (then again when do you play 3v3 masters on a regular basis). And the extra counter on Blugon allows him to cast the *cough* cheap denial mugic owned by the Overworlders or even healing mugic. Generally in 3v3 Masters, I don't really like to put denial mugic as say... both players use 1 denial mugic each (pretty standard), when one player cast a denial, the other would cast a denial and the first player ultimately loses... So either run 2 or no denial mugic at all... And of course, 2 denial mugic would be a terrible waste of cards, unless your deck is set up in a particular fashion.

Klencka, Avenger has this incredible ability allowing you to gain energy EQUAL to the first attack it deals. Setting up for a very nice Invisibility Strike, Blugon combination. However in this 3v3 set-up, we'll be content with Blugon. His High Courage, Earth and Water Element gives him, versatility in attacking options allowing of course as high as possible damage output on the first or maybe second strike. You could slot anything on him on Xerium to Vial of Liquid Thought to work out a strategy.

Gan'nim, is of course, a Kha'rall and what does anybody who played Chaotic put on a Kha'rall? That's right a Shard. Which shard works best on Gan'nim? It's the Amber Shard WHICH coincidentally provides Defender: Minion. Blugon, our supporter and ideally non-combatant is a Minion so... that slots in quite nicely! What else is compatible with Gan'nim... We've got High Courage, Earth and Water Element... hmm this is sounding familiar... BUT with the extra bonus of dealing 10 damage to an opposing creature that fails a challenge or check with teh big guy. It's an interesting ability which works well with Phobia Plates but JUST for the extra consistency this time round, I'll go with Amber.

Anyways, that's a combo, I'm building on slowly throughout the whole Christmas. Once again, wish you guys a safe and joyful Christmas and See ya'all in the New Year!